More Job Centre fuckery…DWP/G4$ just doin’ their JOBS


More Job Centre fuckery…DWP/G4$ just doin’ their JOBS

It’s been a quiet couple of months for myself and with the new benefit information flyers arriving, it was time again to get out once more and hand them out.

Spur of the moment thing, i let it be known on Facebook/Twitter that i was going to the Cowbridge Road East Job Centre Plus, Canton, Cardiff.

Just the flyers and the BoycottWorkfare banner, no tea and coffee this time…

And so i arrived, immediately stuck the banner up on the window front with tape and started to hand out the flyers, there was quite a heavy footfall, plenty people going in, the majority accepting to take the flyer. A few people stopped and asked questions, i was happy to chat and explain about the flyer and why i was there,


I have had previous experience of this particular satellite job centre plus, having signed on there a couple of years back…managed to get thrown out by the security the last time, long story cut short…went to sign on and was hoping to talk about possible training courses, but the claimant adviser told me to sign and go, i signed and asked about any training courses available, the adviser said there was a possibility of a 16week course on plastering, thats it. I politely refused as i was able to plaster small areas already and that my trade overlapped that of the trade of plastering. The adviser asked me if i was turning it down, i said yes and added that i was merely enquiring into the possibility of a training course of some sort, seeing as it was six months now of continued unemployment,

Okies…so its turned into a long story, anyways…i was still keeping my cool as i repeated myself…i did not need a plastering course at this time, it was merely an enquiry…so im turning it down? Yesssssss i am, i started tapping one finger as i explained over again my already known position,

The adviser jumped out of the seat, started crying…and ran through the staff only door, leaving me sitting there, quite shocked. I wasnt expecting that. Two security, either side came over, i was still seated…they said it was time to leave, grabbed an arm each and i was ejected and left on the steps outside.

I went home…and the phone rang immediately, it was the job centre manager,  screaming at me, asking me what had i done to one of her staff, who had now gone home in tears…with the possibility also, of the claimant adviser being off sick for the forseeable future.

I explained myself and how i saw the incident, denying that i had been abusive or  in any way and that the worst of it, if any, had been me tapping my finger on the table. I also counter claimed that i had been unfairly and forcibly removed from the job centre.

The conversation ended with the Manager saying it might be best for me to be moved from signing on every two weeks to never, by placing me on self employed tax credits and that the relevant forms would be sent to me in the new future. Goodbye.


That was the last time i had any contact with this particular job centre…and i was moved to the self employment tax credit scheme.

JOB CENTRE interviewpic

I was left shaken at the time, surprised at the events that had taken place, in all my visits to the job centre, i had always co-operated fully, ok…i may have refused to do their homework, the claimant adviser used to fill in my forms each time, the ones which ask what had i done that week to find a job…i used to dictate to her the same things, she wrote them down…saying it was in her interests aswell as mine for the paperwork to be completed.

I was never rude, always on time…and if anything, it was always me making the moves, asking about this scheme or that grant or…training courses available.

Looking back now…i think it was my postcode that led to my abrupt removal…assumptions and judgements on their behalf, wrong ones.

Till this day i can remember the injustice,

I bet it is on record somewhere, with all parties…all agents of the state, being able to view…and judge further,

And maybe tis the reason why i now refuse to sign on during my times as unemployed and take their benefit…

Take the money…and then also take their psychological crap, you are duty bound to,

I dont wish to trade my dignity for their payment, yet just recently i have had hard times and nearly did so.

Two years on…

CowbrRdJCPboycbannerfri21feb14 001

Same set up,

I recognised the DWP worker who came out of the Job Centre to greet me, he is the guy who supposedly welcomes you, the claimant…the customer, and offers to help…

Well, they the role is to being semi nice, but mostly efficient…but needing to analyse why you are there, so that they can move you to that particular area in double quick time, or move you on, you cant loiter…close by are the security, ready…already sussed you before you notice them, G4$ security.

I am only focused on the Guy in a tie, he came across in a professional way, said take the banner down, i refused whilst looking for a resolution, i usually state a period of time i intend to stay for, with banner remaining, the guy in a tie repeated the request, adding the banner was not going to stay…

g4$ securing injustice

Enter Mr.G4$ security, a young guy, quite tall, he moved forward from behind the guy in a tie, till then he was merely a blur whilst i was dealing with tie guy.

Mr.G4$ decided to take it upon himself to enact his master’s wishes and moved to grab the corner tape holding the banner in place,

I move with Mr.G4$, careful not to touch him in my effort to make sure banner remains in place.

Mr.G4$, not thinking much about touching me…does so,

And we have a minor moment of eye to eye, he is expecting me to retreat, to stand down…to his self appointed authority, i dont.

Not much left for him to do, apart from get shitty and calls me an asshole,


Professional not,

Backs off.

Guy in tie threatens me with calling the Police, take the banner down, again i refuse whilst keeping an eye on Mr.G4$ and another security guy.

Calls the Police,

Ok…so this is nothing new,

“We have protesters here” i intercept…”one and its not a protest”.

On previous occasions, whilst outside the Charles St Job Centre Plus, City Centre, Cardiff…i encountered the same requests, i responded with same refusals…yet the difference being quite apparent,


Charles St JCP workers and G4$ security were respectful, tolerated us outside and indeed were happy to negotiate,

We did what we did…and left…like i said we would,

Banners came down, tea stuff packed away.

Cowbridge Road East JCP?? very rude indeed, why is that??

Tie guy says they are on their way….ooh call the cops,     pcso 002

I continued to give out flyers,

A PCSO arrived after an hour.

Police Community Support Officer…supporting the community on behave of the South Wales Police,

On all occasions the PCSO have turned out to be the most considerate, polite and courteous out of all the agents of the state that i have come into contact with.

Cant fault them, they do their job in the most professional manner, never being too authoritative…even able to see the funny side of a situation, something that is sadly lacking with regards to G4$ and the DWP.

Obviously, the role of the PCSO is sent to attend a situation, usually after someone has rung 999…the real Police take the call and i presume as long as the situation is deemed ‘non violent’ or ‘low risk’ (both of which the Cardiff Tent are and always state upon arrival) they send the friendly face of the Law.

I was told in a friendly manner whilst at the Charles St JCP that it would be a shame for the ‘bigboys’ to be called out.

No threat as such, maybe just a gentle reminder,

Do the DWP deal in gentle reminders??

They, the DWP, do not im afraid. Whilst i cannot tar every DWP worker with the same brush, it really does need to be said that the majority happily go about their business, that of enforcing their master’s wishes, in a way that goes way above their role, that of claimant advisor or assistant…to the CLAIMANT.

I do feel that there are assumptions and judgements being made on behalf of the claimant advisors, maybe by the way a particular way a person looks, or acts…maybe their postcode is taken into consideration.

Maybe the DWP worker, in order to survive and keep their job, needs the requirement of a particular way of thinking…it cannot be said that they are just there making a living, keeping their head down, providing for their family.

I could not do that job…

I could not do the job of security either in the JCP, working for G4$…

Again… a particular way of thinking is required.

I would also like to ask a particular person who on one occasion made themselves known to me, you know who you are…please contact me again, thankyou 😀

As i write this morning, i came across this…



“Claimants should not be intimidated by Jobcentre bullies. The DWP’s apology re-affirms once more that ALL claimants have the right to be accompanied to appointments by the representative of their choice. This does not only apply to claimants who are particularly vulnerable or have special needs, but to everyone.”

For way too long now, claimants have been ‘bullied’, ‘abused’…or  have been found to have been given either the wrong information by the DWP, or at the very least…not giving enough information, regarding decisions, appointments or other matters that the claimant needs,

The negativity of the Job Centres makes the claimant experience feelings of humiliation, helplessness, worry,

Why? how are these feelings going to enable to find a job, being unemployed can be a pressuring situation for so many reasons, usually uncontrollable debt and having mouths to feed, amongst others.

There are supposedly near 2.5 million unemployed in the UK…with approx. 570,000 jobs available,

It doesnt take much to work the sums does it, unless of course you work for G4$…and id be only too happy to help next time, explaining that there are 5 unemployed people to 1 job available…who knows the full facts on those jobs, part time? zero hour contract, seasonal, agency.

And finally,

Remember the guy in the tie? came up in a conversation the other day, “oh yeah, the guy who looks like the weatherman?” Yes thats him, anyways…he took it upon himself to laugh in my face as i was handing out leaflets, leaving the building putting his coat on, maybe it was his lunch hour…walking past, laughing, ridiculing.

The form of smugness that i detest, having a laugh…after previously sending out people, asking where the tea was? where was the tent?

Is it?

How fucking funny mate…

Funny that you were the one i remembered after two years.

Solidarity to the Edinburgh guys, Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty… didnt have time to mention the good work of ReClaim in Liverpool, but will highlighting them in the next blog,

Action is being taken across the UK…

People are helping each other,

Information is key…

You are not alone…We are not alone!!!

Solidarity 😀 x



**Cardiff Tea Tent…Overview’13 New Year New Ideas’14**

**Cardiff Tea Tent…Overview’13 New Year New Ideas ’14 (Part One)**

Boxing Day as i write…Christmas over…and am now able to view the New Year approaching.


2013 was a disaster for the majority of the working class, the poorest, the disabled, the unemployed…all were hit by the Tory Government cuts, the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) carrying out the dirty work, Iain Duncan Smith MP and Esther McVey MP heading the onslaught that have left many hurting and in real poverty from their appalling decisions regarding the benefit changes,

Hitting the weakest first, the Atos debacle causing severe disruption to the lives of the Disabled, JSA Sanctions applied to Claimants for the weakest of reasons, Workfare enabling BigBusiness to pay nothing for the labour of those unfortunate who find themselves to be unemployed, the Universal Credit system that now seems to have become a car crash of, a write off, with huge costs now occurring in which ever way IDS and McVey now decide to go.

And so…


Will be just like 2013?? probably even worse than…

I would like to raise the question regarding the Left’s attitude towards this most austere of times. On a national level, Cameron and his Tory government have steam rollered all over the Labour Party, the opposition in Westminster, London. Milliband just hasnt cut it in 2013…although his late decision regarding the Bedroom Tax with a promise of ridding it is to be admired, however, he took his time about it. The fact that Labour have questioned the Tories and LibDems very lightly on issues such as Benefit Sanctions and Workfare only suggests that if they win the General Election in 2015, they will also keep up the pressure on Welfare issues and enforce the same cuts.

As im based in Wales, the National Welsh Assembly are the governing body but alas with little power and even less decision making, Labour run…yet too weak to challenge the Tory cuts Agenda, Carwyn Jones AM and First Minister LAB is plotting a steady ‘keep the status quo’ course. For a Leader, im afraid Mr Jones is one of the weakest ive known, prefers to play the ball sideways, rather that looking to go forward, never actually embracing an issue and dealing with it…business business business is the only mantra for Carwyn Jones AM im afraid.

Far from me to support any politician anytime…any politician whatsoever. In my view,they are all in it for non altruistic means, no matter how they lavishly decorate the statements of intent…and it shows. However, Leanne Wood, leader of Plaid Cymru in the Welsh Assembly seems to be of a  different kind, someone who shines brighter so much more whilst amongst her fellow careerist peers,  she is real and i  believe Leanne understands the complexities of those living a working class life in Wales and the lack of opportunties on offer to them currently.

How far Leanne Wood goes will be decided from within her own party, with the vibrations and mumurings of a Independant Socialist Wales may well sit well with some left wing factions in Wales, in reality the Plaid Cymru Party of Wales are not promising the same view for Wale’s future, instead they offer much the same as Welsh Labour do….the status quo.

On a local level, the state of Cardiff Council, Labour run after a landslide victory last year, 2012, needs to be examined further in the following months…and councillors are widely available for communication, although again…i suggest Labour wont be listening much, seemingly quite able to process and pressurise, crushing public services with extraordinary cuts…cuts enforced by Westminster and waved on through merrily by the Welsh Assembly.

I cannot discuss Cardiff City Council without mentioning Councillor Russell Goodway…the man, who represents the Ely ward and will ultimately decide to raise YOUR council tax bill by 5%, even though the Welsh labour Party campaigned that they would not raise the Council Tax. Goodway, who has been Mayor and Leader of the Council in a 20 year career…was only voted in third behind two other Labour candidates with no more votes than 1500…0ut of less than 10,000 who voted…and it being a council election, not many voted…

So…the point is we have a man in the council making decisions and breaking promises…all this power yet only with a mandate of approx 14% ???

14% of the vote…not 14% of Ely…not 14% of Cardiff…

Goodwork Russell…

I think Mr. Goodway has had it too good for way too long…but now, we know how it really is… 😛

And now for the unions…

I have grown up with the idea that the Trade Unions are supposed to be the vanguard and the protectors of the working class, yet i am becoming ever increasinly frustrated by their inactivity…

Plenty spoken words and statements to the press…yet on the ground…not much activity, why is that?

Im not moaning and asking for a General Strike…but why not eh? Why not??

Im wishing to highling the Unions lack of faith, their lack of true understanding with regards to how people are suffering on JSA with the threat of benefit sanctions, becoming homeless or thrown into debt because of the Bedroom Tax and or maybe being pressured into a Workfare agreement, something that should have really got the the Trade Unions kicking…but no,

Inertia…why oh why?

With regards to the Benefit issues, PCS Union should have been much more forward thinking…of course they have to watch their members back and all, seeing as they all work for the DWP or HMRC…but, how about some pro active manouvres, some pressure towards those higher up in the DWP, after all…those Claimant Advisors, the members at the coal face are now facing some professional pressure, sanctioned themselves for not sanctioning enough claimants, feeling the pressure and being made to think that their own job is on the line.

Im amazed that the Unite Union, the biggest of them all… with a huge £160m yearly turnover, have yet to show some Solidarity with the those who are the poorest, those who end up at these Foodbanks with no other option available to them.

Why arent there any Unite Foodbanks? leaving the Foodbank industry…and its a fast growing one according to them… to the Trussell Trust, a Tory run venture, with Lottery funding and further funding from the Welsh Assembly…is outrageouous and needs to be addressed.

If there were Unite run Foodbanks…id see this as Solidarity, horizonatal in effect, from one to another,

But Trussell Trust foodbanks are Charity based,  always from the top to the bottom…in a vertical fashion,

Charity from the Toffs…take it and be grateful, be ashamed

Solidarity from the Unions…accept it and feeling grateful, yet not  feel ashamed.

The Unions have plenty to do…and im afraid until they get their act together, the working class will continue to suffer.

A little Union bashing there…and i make no apologies for it.

And so…what for 2014?

We, as the Working Class, need to wake up and take action now.

We, as a class, need to become a little more self reliant, i dont mean in an individual sense, i mean self reliance on understanding that one has to become less fearful and more confident. Self help groups on Facebook are now available to join, members in their thousands, giving confidence to those who maybe dont yet understand how to go about getting themselves out of a hole that they were unfortunate to be dropped in, doesnt matter how they got there…in that hole,

What matters is how they react…

And im sure that when they realise that they are not all alone…and in fact one of several thousand, they will gain the confidence needed,

Knowledge is power…

Working and finding a way towards bringing the unemployed and the employed together is key, too much divide and rule has been happening, too many groups not coming together as they should in times of strife…too much propaganda being belted out to those lucky enough to be employed, suggesting that the unemployed are feckless, scroungers and timewasters…

Mutual Aid and signs of Solidarity from within the Left need to be seen in the early months of 2014, talk of new political groups being formed, The People’s Assemblyand Left Unity for example seem to being created from within the usual suspects, the same groups who have been established since or during the latter half of the twentieth century have had their time…and a few individuals have realised this, understanding that change is needed…yet are still persuing with the tools and failings of the past.

Giving the individual the respect that has been sadly lacking, rather than being told to sign up or join a structured group where they see very little opportunity to partake…maybe equip the said individual with knowledge and help and thus this would give the individual the confidence, the understanding of their situation and also the means of being able to play a part in their community.

Laying down the old ways, leaving the ghost of the 2othCentury Left behind …

And going forward with new ideas, benefiting all parts of the community…

The 21stCentury left…

Born 14 years ago…and still not walking.

So much to be done, so many more people who wish to show solidarity…yet find themselves being turned off by whats on offer…

Solidari-Tea 2014 😀 x Week of Action tomorrow, Cardiff Job Centre- Join Us Week of Action tomorrow, Cardiff Job Centre- Join Us

Tomorrow, Monday 2nd December 2013, Cardiff Tea Tent will be appearing at Cardiff Charles St Job Centre Plus, Cardiff City Centre.

if you exploit us we will shut you down

Its BoycottWorkfare’s  Week of Action, a UK wide campaign to end forced unpaid work for people who receive benefits, spotlight the BigBusinesses who are participating and highlighting the DWP’s use of heavy handed sanctions on Claimants.


“Things are very wrong: each month 70,000 people face hunger and hardship due to benefit stoppages – ‘sanctions’. Millions of hours of work which should be paid are being replaced by workfare. But we’re taking action and having an impact.”

We are at Cardiff Charles St JCP, Cardiff City Centre tomorrow,

Drinking Voddy and colouring in my 2m long banner right now…

Smash sanctions and expose those Workfare bitcheeessss!

And will be directing all Claimants who show an intrest to


Know your rights on workfare schemes!

Our last visit showed that the majority of Claimants were not recieving adequate info regarding all benefit issues inc Workfare and Sanctions…

Tomorrow…we will be fixing that


Come and show some…and enjoy a free tea and coffee 😀

Thankyou 😀 x


To turn on the heating, or not to…because we probably cant afford to

To turn on the heating, or not to…because we cant afford to

justice not jumpers

Or rather, if i did, im not sure if we can afford the total bill. Its only November and it will get colder than this.

Keeping it till we really need it.

Paying via direct debit every month does not mean anything, it is an agreed figure between us, the customer, and the utility company, who suggest a minimum figure that is acceptable and affordable…and after asking several questions, in order estimate and then to supply the home with the warmth,

We accepted the figure…

However, im not confident that the total year bill will concur with the  x 12 monthly total…

So im sitting here in the cold…

Having made the decision that we cant afford to have the central heating on, even when we need it.

The heating will come on at 5pm-10pm…and then 5am-10am in the morning.

Two pairs of socks on, plus tights, jeans, a tshirt, a shirt and jumper too.

My hands and feet are cold…so is my nose.

Its just the way it is…         ukuncut makingakilling

Just like it was in the old days i guess, before we had the luxury of turning on the switch.

However, back in the old days, the population didnt have to pay nearly a three figure sum twelve times a year…

To a privatised utility company…

A company who has, year on year, raised the price of gas,

Generating huge unjust profits…

And to serve the intrests of their shareholders.

Not feeling sorry for myself.

I will survive…

Just writing my thoughts down, I know there are thousands of people nearby in a similar or maybe worse position, after all…i am sitting in my house, but not my house, it’s the landlord’s house, If the truth be known…it’s my partners rented house,

So…i am lucky really,

Other people arent so lucky…

What about them?

Ive heard recently this slogan,

‘Heat or Eat’

Not much of a choice really…depressingly true though, for some…to heat or to eat,

How has it come to this?

UK Uncut say,

“As the Big Six energy companies hike up prices we are told the only answer is to put on a jumper, leaving millions of us to choose between heating and eating. While the energy companies spread the lie that ‘green taxes’ are to blame, we know that the real problem is the privatisation of our energy for profit and the skyrocketing cost of dirty fossil fuels.”

ukuncut bringdownthebig6


I thought these were the basic needs…basic human rights in my eyes.

And now,  with more and more people and families in finding themselves in poverty, with the squeeze of austerity handed down by this Government now in full swing, Its going to be a long cold and hungry winter for some,

The elderly, children, the disabled, the unemployed, the homeless…

Even the employed are suffering, working…and yet not being able to afford those three basic rights…

ukuncutweltotheshiverinFood, Shelter, Warmth.

UK Uncut, Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) and                             Fuel Poverty Action have a joint action today,

‘Bring down the Big Six’ Utilities,

Protesting outside NPower’s head office in London, with other actions happening in other UK cities aswell.

Good Action… We, the people, need to speak up…to do more,

To Be heard,

People before Profit/ Pobl cyn elw.

Keep warm.

Solidarity 😀 x


Jenny Jenny…An ode to Willott (LibDem) MP for Cardiff Central

The World...according to Zola de Cwtchi

Jenny Jenny…An ode to Willott


Jenny Jenny,

jwillott b

Who has…

Plenty plenty,

Chose not to…

Listen Listen,

…  …

Jenny Jenny,    jwillott c

Time cometh for…

Goodbye goodbye,

Out of touch…

Resign Resign.       jwillott d

… … …

Jenny Willot, MP,

“First ever Lib Dem MP for Cardiff Central”

Jenny Willot voted for the Bedroom Tax, followed the Party line…made clear by the Liberal Democrat leader, and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg.

Willott decided to vote against the majority of the population’s view…      jwillott clegg

Willott decided to vote against her constituent’s wishes, even after having had over a hundred letters written and sent to her,

Asking her to vote against…

This was Willot’s chance…

Willott’s parliamentary seat for Cardiff Central may now be in doubt come the next General Election in 2015


The Cardiff Against the Bedroom Tax Group (CATB) agree,

” The…

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Glasgow Housing Association Eviction…Is this what we have to come??

Glasgow Housing Association Eviction…Is this what we have to come??

“A woman from Glasgow has become the first in Scotland to be evicted due to the Bedroom Tax after falling behind with her rent.”

“Councillor Jim Torrance, who learned of the eviction, went straight to her home, arriving at 2pm he described the woman as “frozen”.  She had been “kicked out” at ten o’clock that morning.

GMA bedtax blog

“She was frozen, absolutely stiff outside the house, she was bewildered” he told Newsnet Scotland.”

A young widow and her teenage son evicted from their home, because of rent arrears…six weeks before christmas,

Lets look further into this story…

Glasgow Housing Association  (GHA) deemed the woman to have an extra bedroom in the property she was renting…and thus cut her housing benefit, the rent arrears soon mounted to hundreds of pounds, also her changing from Job Seekers Allowance to Employment Support led to some payments to GHA not going through on time.

Prior to these changes…the woman had managed to pay the rent and was capable and coping witng through on time.

It was the Bedroom Tax that led to the arrears, forming almost a third of the debt…bedtaxbedcover

“It also emerged that the woman’s medication and clothing had been locked in the house at the time of the eviction and she was forced to wait hours in the cold until the police had returned before she was able to retrieve it.”

Sounds like the woman was removed from her rented property rather quickly…so quickly that she left important items…like her medication??

Three Policemen were there to accompany the Bailiffs…


As we know already, the Police attend…but not to serve the eviction, they are merely in attendance to keep the peace, but as it always seems, the Police seem quite happy to wade in.

So how was this woman left in the cold? …without medication?

GHA and their Bailiffs…and three Policemen, with a locksmith…they did what they needed to…and then left, leaving the woman locked outside…it was her local councillor who managed, after several hours, to get the Police to come back and let her in, to get clothes, a few other pocessions…and her medicine.

Where was the sympathy in all this?

Where was the understanding?

Could there not have been some meaningful dialogue? no matter how little the woman had communicated with the relevant authorities prior to the eviction,

Several parties…totalling up to eight individuals…just did their job, job done…and then left the scene??

So…                                                                                                               pobl cyn elw2

Is this what we have to come??

“Ms Shearer will now have to wait until December 4th until a new hearing can be held into her case, before she can return to her home.  However Newsnet Scotland understands that GHA has agreed to meet with the woman today where she will be accompanied by someone from Govan Law Centre.”

Hopefully, the Glasgow Housing Association will come to their senses and deal with this case swiftly…there can only be one result…the woman gets her rented property back.

And  so all that disgraceful business, which appears to have left the woman in a traumatized manner…will be put right.

All the actions of those involved need to be reviewed…as it will leave a bill to be paid for…and who is paying for it?

All the participants seriously need to look at themselves and the roles they played.

I could never be that locksmith…or that policeman…or  that GHA representative.

This has to stop…

The Bedroom Tax has to be stopped…bedtaxbadge

People do not get into rent arrears on purpose…

“An anti-Bedroom tax campaign group has announced plans for a peaceful protest outside the offices of one of the Scottish Labour MPs, Anas Sarwar.  The gathering is scheduled to take place Friday at 3pm at 9 Scotland Street, Glasgow.”


Time for Action, before this becomes widespread…

Stop the Bedroom Tax,

Cardiff Tea Tent support all Groups in Cardiff and throughout UK who oppose the cruel  Bedroom Tax,

Diolch/Thankyou :D x



Work Programme Providers (via …do not sign.

Via http://www.

Work Programme Providers…

“The main reason for my refusal was that [the company] did absolutely nothing to help me find any job, let alone my current one at the time in their own offices! Apart from being underhanded, it is also unethical for them to claim any taxpayer’s money for something they didn’t do.”

Do not sign…

Further reading available at,

Learn your rights…


Diolch/Thankyou 😀 x